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59club; the Industry leading Customer Service Analysts and Training Provider, operate within the UK, Europe, USA, UAE and Asia.
With a wealth of ground-breaking ‘Customer Satisfaction Surveys’ and ‘Mystery Shopper Audits’, a successful ‘Training School’ and a team of industry experts at the helm; 59club have the mechanics and knowhow to assist the Leisure, Spa, Golf, Food & Beverage and Hotel Industries to advance.

Market leading software and assessment criteria provides the resources to improve and maintain ‘sales & service’ etiquette, in turn increasing customer satisfaction, revenue & profits in the process.

59club’s best practice performance management tool will highlight areas of weakness/poor process within your business, pinpointing exactly what is required of your staff and their needs in terms of training & support.
Complete with the ability to compare your performance levels against ‘chosen competitors’, ‘industry standards’ and ‘best performing venues’, the global data generates real and current information of the highest quality and value.

The level of detail enables you to highlight areas of poor procedural processes within your business. The undertaking acts as a tool to measure how successfully all front-line staff implement your business strategies enabling you to set informed KPI's and performance manage your staff members on both a short and long-term basis.

The secure online results portal provides relevant, independent and confidential data in a very clear, concise and accurate way. A Managerial Dashboard 'tracks progress over time', identifying whether staff are consistently delivering a level of customer service that you would expect.

Working with leading hotel chains and resorts such as Marriott Hotels, Macdonald Hotels, Q Hotels, The Celtic Manor Resort, The Mere Golf Resort and Spa, The Vale Resort, The Emirates and Dubai Creek to name just a few...

59club's ethos works in all business irrespective of their size or make up.

“Investment in bricks and mortar do not sustain and grow reputations – it is people that build reputations. You may or may not be the ‘biggest’ club in the area but you can definitely achieve, deliver and then maintain outstanding customer service”.