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shopper audit allows
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59club has developed a portfolio of venues that are amongst the most successful in their field and who have the ambition and desire to stay at the top of their game.

With so many of the best venues in the UK, Europe, UAE, Asia and USA within the scheme, the industry wide data that its members receive provides real and current information of the highest quality and value. As an example, a sales enquiry to a 59club venue will be dealt with in more detail, more efficiently and with a greater chance of conversion than a venue outside of the scheme.

The latest 59club statistics show that a 59club venue will, on average handle the enquiry twice as well as any other venue and is four times more likely to stay in contact with the client after the enquiry has been made. 59clubs services make a real difference to a venues bottom line.

Client Testimonials

Chris May, CEO Dubai Golf said:

"First impressions are extremely important for Dubai Golf and we pride ourselves on the way in which we manage the journey from "Prospect" to "Member". The level of detail provided through 59club Leisure Membership benchmarking had been instrumental in the delivery of consistently high standards and ultimately New Member integration, satisfaction and retention.
The online results portal and regular service from the 59club team have allowed us to maximise its use as a great management tool for embedding standards, target setting, motivating the team and rewarding excellence. The training delivered by 59club to support the product has been embraced by the team and is evident in their improved performance in this area. We are delighted to have been recognised as the 59club Leisure Membership Team of the Year for the past 2 years".